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Life was simple. Let's make it that way again.

With My Financial Plan, keep everything you own in one secure, accessible place. See everything you own, know what everything is worth.

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“I am a business entrepreneur and knowing where everything is and what everything is worth is vital to our success. The MFP plan allows me to access critical documentation with the touch of a button. It’s one of our most valuable tools in our company”.
Paul J, Boston Mass.
My husband works away from the home and I am responsible for all of the family planning. MFP allows me to connect daily with our family goals and budget items. It’s simple and affordable and makes a great difference in the outcome for us. With the daily pressure of life, knowing how our finances are doing isn’t one of them” .
Teresa M, Tulsa, OK

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Benefits & Features

Your Personal Financial Website

Consolidate your data into one clear, organized picture of your financial life.

Daily Balances

Stay up-to-date with daily recalculated account values.

Interactive Decision-Making Tools

Our platform empowers you with tools to simulate "what if" scenarios, helping you anticipate possible outcomes and make informed decisions.

Personal Secure Vault

Keep your important documents safe in your personal digital vault. This secure repository is accessible only to you, ensuring your private information remains private.

Accessible Anytime

Access your data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Budgeting Tools

Create monthly budgets, understand your spending habits, and track your progress.

How It Works:


Easily connect with everything and everyone that's important to your financial life.


Use our interactive technology to visualize potential impacts of your decisions throughout your lifetime.


Safely store your important personal documents, photos, and videos in our digital vault.


Know what you own and what it's worth. Let us show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a member of MFP, you will log on to your private account and find the “Add Account” button. This will require login credentials for each company or asset you choose to be monitored. As you spend money or add money to your various accounts, MFP makes an adjustment in your account to reflect the last known balance.

Yes. There are no executable files inside of MFP. We still recommend you watch the security of each account and change your passwords regularly.
Does MFP give me advice? Not directly. You can create a budget as well as a long term forecast for your retirement and other savings. True advice should come from a licensed fiduciary when it comes to those areas of planning.

Just you. You may include your financial advisor to view your data also.

Don’t leave a mess, leave a password so your beneficiaries can see the entirety of your holdings. Your personal vault can hold a copy of your will etc.

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